Transition management plays one of the most important roles in a BPO company. A transition manager is responsible for carrying out the function or the process from donor’s location or an organization to an outsourcing organization. Today’s competitive business scenario suggests that shifting services to any reliable, professional and cost effective service provider makes it easier for business firm to gain a range of benefits. The transition model followed by us helps to reduce inefficiencies at business service levels all throughout the process transition from clients place to our physical office location. The entire process is efficiently handled by the use of prepared training methodology to promptly change the major business processes of the customer.

We believe in the theory of continuous improvement through the use of transition management. The transition management are planned to help businesses reduce both call center training costs and other expenditure. Our helpful transition management services gives tailor-made customer care processes which have been designed according to unique offshore model.

Aanvi Support leverages the best practices from earlier transitions. We combine the best swift vendor
selection that enables us with more time that is used on decisive transition planning and its execution.
The advantages of a committed offshore call center is clear offering customer with a better negotiation,
speedier ramp-up times, sustained knowledge retention, increased productivity and better negotiation
rate. Our business process outsourcing unit fits this criteria.

With our all-round knowledge and experience we provide the best transition management solutions.
Aanvi’s transition management is planned to curtail the level of business service inefficiencies during a call
center process transition from the customer’s location to that of our service location. Staffed with a team
of consultants and professionals, our transition management lasts for 6 months depending upon the maturity,
size and integrative ability of the mother company.

Our goal is to implement wide-range of procedures to provide quality solutions to our customers. We make sure that our quality measures are initiated at each and every stage during this transition process methodology. We follow the five-step process which includes

 Project Planning

 Process Definition

 Project Evaluation

 Transition Planning

 Design Verification