Aanvi Support has emerged to be number one in the field of business process outsourcing in North America. We have stood the testing times and proved ourselves by delivering the best in terms of quality and services. We have given tough competition to others by making use of the latest technology and infrastructure. Our equipments are apt and with dialer software, ACD, IVR, soft phone, fax on demand, voice logging and call blending. Our services are divided into three main areas such as outbound services, inbound services and back –office. We have an excellent team who are highly skilled and trained in their area of work. We believe in quality service which we prove via our performance. Handling huge amounts of calls and serving the clients in all respect is our motto.

Our agents are trained considering all aspects of BPO in mind from greeting the customers over the phone, doing surveys, lead generation, verification, and everything related to sales and collection.

Lead Generation

By lead generation services we tend to instigate a feeling of buying into the hearts and minds of the customer. By virtue of market view, research and survey we tend to bring business for your company. All efforts will be taken by us to provide you the requisite sales.


Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing services forms the base of corporate communication in today’s world. A company can easily get to its target customer in the most accessible way. Both medium and large business enterprise make use of this technique to hit the target audience directly.


Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting and voice mail broadcast adds new features to our BPO service through which we have the option of processing the entire work from the web. From sending alerts , reminders, notifications, political calls, messages, interactive polls, product updates or bulk interactive phone calls

Cross Selling and Upselling Services

By cross selling one tends to do effective proactive sales to the existing base .The customers are provided with ample information as regard to the various products and service offered by the company.

Upselling is another medium of sales through which the company tends to sell something which the customers have not thought of. By making effective use of this marketing tool the consumer is motivated to buy product add –ons. In a way the company gets high sale value.


Market Research & Survey

Market research forms the crux of our services which hints towards excellence in business. By in-depth knowledge and information about the market trends, buying, customer, threats and sector of growth the company runs in a smooth way.

Product or service promotion

In a way this persuades the customer to buy a particular product or service by making use of various methods such as providing information and reminding the customers on a regular basis.

Appointment Setting

This is the nerve of any business holding major prominence in all the ventures and deals. Get connected with all your clients and be the first one in the growing race of cut throat competition. With the help of its diligent team, Aanvi tends to set up your desired goal by voice or chat support, email support, self help and other essential call centre services.