IVR is the abbreviated form of Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers. This technology helps the callers to retrieve information from the database, enter information in the database or both. IVR system allows you to efficiently exchange information reducing the hassle of clerical processing.

An IVR system communicates with the callers through a recorded script. It prompts a response to the caller to respond either verbally or by pressing the touchstone key. It supplies the caller with the information based on responses made.

Important Features of IVR Systems

 It should be able to provide different responses to callers based on any time of the day.

 It should be able to provide either touch-tone or voice responses by callers.

 IVR system should store the responses made by callers

Most of the global organizations are rapidly turning to IVR or Interactive Voice Response services to
enjoy reduction in service costs, inquiries, collection, common sales and calls. Most IVR make use of
menus and voice prompts that are pre-recorded to present information of the callers. Modern IVR
or the Interactive Voice Response also enables the response and input to be assembled through spoken
words including voice recognition. This kind of information is useful in retrieving information that includes
order status, bank balances, flight scheduled, product detailing and show timings via telephone.

The modern IVR or Interactive Voice Response is designed to include some of the exclusive services like
speech recognition, self service and FAX management abilities. These days, IVR or Interactive Voice Response
are progressively which is used to locate outbound calls to gather and deliver information on matters relating
to past dues , appointments and taking out time for critical activities and events. Most of the inbound call
centers use IVR technology to strive for full customer satisfaction. The IVR system incorporates essential
services like FAX management potentials, self service and speech recognition. This is designed to ensure
effortless arrangement of automated call handling systems that are tailor-made to meet the needs of individuals.