Aanvi’s help desk solutions ensures problem resolution to clients which is based on the following principle “Fix it Fast, Each Time and Every Time”. We are a customer care call center known for offering quality services. It is the help desk which is the focal point through which other issues or problems are reported. Subsequently these issues get coordinated and managed with the help of highly responsible customer care representatives.

Providing call center services is the main area of our expertise. We bring to you a fine expertise of experience and domain knowledge to ensure better results. At Aanvi, it is the fine amalgamation of experience and domain knowledge to ensure better. It is the job of our customer care representatives to bring together the resources and the gamut of knowledge to address our clients’ key issues or problems.

Key Benefits of Help Desk Service

Through our help desk services, customers can leverage good assistance from our state-of-art infrastructure
and technical know-how. Our technical help-desk solutions aim at bringing customized 24/7 support and after
hours support as well.

We strive to bring the best of services, whatever be our clients’ requirements.

In literal sense help desk is an information or assistance resource center that is used to troubleshoot
issues related to computer or other services. Companies often provide help desk support to their customers
via toll-free number, website or e-mail. There are also in-house help desks that are used in providing same kind
of help to employees only. A typical help desk has several functions as it provides the users a single point of
contact to receive help on various issues. The help desk typically manages its requests via help desk
software such as issue tracking software. This allows the customer care executives to track user request
with unique number. Going by the recent market companies, it is usually that most companies are either
outsourcing help desk solutions individually or an entire range of IT enables operations. If you still do not
have help desk solutions. This is how you can take control in attaining customer relationship to the fullest.