Inbound call centers have come into picture because they act as information centers. It stands as an important process offered by an organization to meet their day to day requirements of the customers. It is a platform where customers can get a thorough understanding of products and services. Inquiry handling helps your business to soar.

All successful ventures in the world have two major characteristics. The first is to focus on core competencies and other is flawless execution on a constant basis. Customer inquiry gives all necessary information to the customers so that they have a comprehensive understanding of products and services. The paramount purpose is to double-check the delivery of information and qualify the customers based on the proposed segmentation. By employing the process of inquiry handling, the inbound call center delivers complete program development from needs consultation to ROI.

How is Enquiry handling done?

Telephone response

Email response

Website response

Handling information requests

Dealer, agent or distributor locator

Multi-language voice response fulfillment

Our BPO services are an ideal extension of our IT service offerings. It is structured on a strong foundation of domain expertise and process. We use innovative technologies that are finely managed to meet high standards at work. We value our customers and we know that clients rely on services that we provide. We provide round the clock call center services to improve and focus on core business activities of the clients maintaining high quality service in various respects.

Today most of the call centers offer inquiry handling like email response, telephone, distributor agent, handling information requests, website response and dealer locator. The current business scenario suggests a well-built information center. The inbound call center offers all necessary information to its clients. Aanvi delves deep down to offer a better understanding of all products and services. We double check all information and based on the actual needs of the customers, inquiry needs of the customers are offered.

Advantages of Inquiry Handling

Detailed monthly reports including

Market segmentation

Fast escalation process

Custom-made call center Training

Language support

Weekly reports with complete review of activities

Personalized Interface Development

Standardized Response levels

Better understanding of customer needs

Comprehensive encounter analysis

Customized database to track customers

Program implementation and system management

PC updating and File transfer during support session

Advanced data protection approach