Cross selling is the process by which a company makes use of proactive sales to the present list of customers motivating them to buy the new range of products. The various product information and services are being put forward to the target customer.

To achieve higher target sales a customer is well informed about various products the company by making use of it’s up selling techniques. This is one of the most effective approach to sell product add-ons and things which the customer had not given a thought of.

At Aanvi Support, we tend to give a boost to your existing business in the most appropriate direction. Around 21% of the clients make sufficient use of cross selling and up selling for the better sale of their products and services.

If the call center is not well versed in cross selling and up selling there may be major loss to
the company as it will not get the required return on investments. It is the most supportive
strategies used by call centers as discovered by market analysts.

We at Aanvi support do thorough research and analysis on the customers and their buying
patterns and try to update them with the new lineage of products and services. Thereby
we generate greater revenues by this method of up selling and cross selling through trained
BPO professionals.

We at Aanvi make the customers feel free to all the open ended questions, give them
enough time to put up their questions, brief them properly about the various regulations and

Our appeal is emotive and we are filled with positive vibes.

Thus up selling and cross selling helps in a lot of ways in projecting the rapport of the
company with its potential customers The main objective of cross selling lies in the increment
of the income received from the clients. The main points which affects the up selling or cross
selling of a particular product lies in the size of the business and the particular area in which
it is operating .In the whole process we make sure that the customer is always at comfortable
while giving us the sales simultaneously.